Marc Cramer Productions Inc.

Beyond the visual representation, Architectural Photography is our raison d’être, our way of interacting with the world. Each one of our photographs is a complex of rigourous technical mastery imbued with elegance.

As professionnals, we are here to showcase your work, highlight its forms and contours, allowing it to reveal its essence.

Established in Montreal for a long time, equiped with the best material available on the market and liven up by the desire to put all our abilities at the service of your talent, we would be honored to raise the unique character of your work, and this, all around the world.


Marc Cramer Photographer
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Published in numerous magazines in Canada and internationally, Marc has received several awards such as the Prix Hommage Grand Prix Design 2011. He has become a prominent figure of the Architectural Photography in Montreal.

In a career that has lead him from Vancouver to Paris, Marc has garnered a great deal of experience that he was able to call upon as a course lecturer at the Université de Montreal.

Marc is skilled in both interior and exterior photography. He photographs with precision and exactitude with the deft touch of painter. His sense of composition and attention to detail allow him to offer each client a unique and exquisite product.